Promotional Towels

A lot of businesses are obsessed with attracting new customers, but although you do need to attract new customers to grow your business, you also need to make an effort to retain your current customers.  Our team provides you the option to lower your marketing spend, reach to new and keep loyal customers, increase efficiency and generosity of your company.

You are reaching the possibility of creating your own towel,

by choosing the size you like, the colors of your company, a drawing design that you wish, packaging in many ways… Quality, length of use, satisfaction are just a few compliments that you will get after rewarding your loyal customers with the perfect gift.

High-quality towels

Great designs ✓ Quality at an attractive price ✓
Fast Transportation Service ✓ All inclusive ✓

All weight class

Different towel material weight

Different sizes

Find out which towel sizes fit you and your needs

Big color selection

More than 500 colors for wholesale

Our Promotional Towels

Promo Towel:

  • 30×30 Face towel
  • 30×45 Kitchen towel
  • 50×90 Towel
  • 70×140 Bath towel
  • 90×180 Spa towel

Print or Embroidered Logo

How does it feel to you have something special for your hands?

We are able to embroider or print any kind of logo or vector graphic that you wish to have.

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.  Please feel free to forward this along to any of your associates in Marketing or Sales that might find this of interest…

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CEO , Cottway

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